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Healthier Children Globally

Our mission

To deliver affordable, accessible, and practical paediatric education, empowering healthcare professionals to help children and young people to live their healthiest lives possible.

Our network

SCHP is wholly owned by the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, the largest network of hospital and healthcare services for children in Australia. At SCHP, we've been bringing online paediatric education to healthcare professionals globally for more than 30 years. With more than 10,000 alumni and counting, we're deeply committed to ensuring children and young people have access to the best healthcare possible by empowering our participants with best-practice paediatric education.

Our history

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Since 1992

The program was established at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children (RAHC) Sydney, as a Diploma in Child Health for doctors. The program quickly gained momentum and in 1998 expanded into the ACT and shortly followed into other states across Australia.

2005 marked the first international graduate in Hong Kong where the program was recognised with quotability from the Hong Kong Medical Council. Three years later, the first nurse successfully completed the program and since then, more than 400 nurses across Australia and international locations have completed our program.

In November 2017, the program was renamed as Sydney Child Health Program to align with the changes in the Higher Education sector and reflect the origin of its supporting organisations – Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and the University of Sydney.

Technology has enabled the program to continue delivering world-class content that is readily accessible and available to participants in more than 30 countries. As of December 2020, SCHP boasts more than 10,000 alumni around the world.

The Graduate Diploma in Child Health is a postgraduate qualification delivered by The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network and in partnership with Western Sydney University