Graduate Diploma in Child Health

Program Description

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The Graduate Diploma in Child Health is delivered by the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network in partnership with Western Sydney University.

The course aims to enhance advanced knowledge, skills, and confidence in providing healthcare for children and adolescents. It offers an excellent overview of evidence-based current best practice in paediatrics and is designed to be completed in one year. Participants will have the opportunity to develop skills in the detection and diagnosis of common childhood presentations. This program will help students to develop and implement treatment and prevention strategies focused on delivering safe and effective child-centered health care.

Drawing on the knowledge of 100 expert clinicians, the course reflects a journey of learning in paediatric education covering all sub-specialty areas from neonates to adolescents. Learning occurs online over 4 academic terms with assessments designed to challenge theoretical and practical knowledge.

Who’s it for? This course is suitable for Junior Medical Doctors, General Practice registrars, General Practitioners, Medical Doctors, Final Year Medical Students, Allied Health Professionals and Nurses

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Learning outcomes

The course is divided into eight subjects reflecting a journey of learning in paediatric education covering areas from neonates to adolescents.Upon completion, participants can expect to:

Evaluate child health care frameworks, common developmental and behavioural issues and how health inequities impact on the care for children

Assess and examine common paediatric presentations according to current best evidence

Conduct appropriate investigations to assist with reaching a diagnosis aligning with best evidence

Develop evidence-based multi-disciplinary management plans of common paediatric problems

Communicate diagnosis and management of patients and their needs to parents/carers.

Reflect on Australian and international requirements for ethical conduct and professional standards to inform practices in the field of child health

Advocate for vulnerable paediatric patients early intervention to improve health outcomes for children and families


1. Newborn and Infant development

2. Behaviour, development and disability

3. Adolescent, mental health and health inequity

4. Emergency and acute care

5. Cardiorespiratory, ENT and allergy

6. Gastroenterology and other specialties

7. Infectious disease and autoimmune conditions

8. Neurology, musculoskeletal and surgical problems

Sydney Child Health Program is a continuing professional development program in paediatrics from the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network.